The Plan

This will be changing and evolving as I go through this journey and discover what works.

Basic Philosophy

  • It’s Too Late To Do Nothing
  • Keep it simple
  • Simple does not mean easy
  • Focus
  • Add one piece at a time – don’t get overwhelmed.
  • If you have a misstep, chastise yourself, forgive yourself, and then get back to it.
  • Imperfect action beats doing nothing every day.
  • The goal isn’t XYZ it’s to become a person who makes choices that lead to XYZ.

Brief Summary

Week 1 – Evening Routing – Daily log & Visualization

Everynight before you go to bed, take a few minutes to think about the day and what you want to accomplish the next day. This will help you to start focusing your mind on what you are trying to accomplish. Putting pen to paper helps solidify your efforts and gives your mind something to work on. Write out your successes and failures for the day and what your takeaway from those moments where. What did you learn that can help you improve tomorrow.

Then before you go to sleep spend 5-10 visualizing yourself being the perfect you. Visualize your ideal version of you, getting up full of energy, working out, making healthy food choices, doing whatever it is you are putting off.

This is one of the most important components to the whole plan. Don’t blow it off. It will make the rest of your life so much easier.

We are pretty simple creatures. For the most part our brains can’t tell the difference between what we visualize and real life. There are numerous studies out there showing that when it comes to skill development visualizing is almost good as actual practice.

Our brain is also built to solve problems. It hates inconsistencies and will do what it can to resolve those inconsistencies.

We have two choices. We can A) focus on XYZ or we can B) focus on becoming the best version of ourselves.

If we make losing 50lb the problem we focus on then if we manage to achieve it our brain will think, great, cross that off the list now back to how things were. We haven’t changed who we are. Before you know it, the weight starts creeping back and it’s yo-yo time.

What we need to do is to set our sites deeper. It’s not enough to lose 50 lb. Losing 50lb is just a side effect of becoming a person who makes good choices. That’s all it is.

If we visualize ourselves as someone other than who we are at the moment. Our brain will try and turn us into that person we visualize.

This isn’t an overnight process though. So how will this play out? Think about it like we are building our own yellow brick road. Every day we add a brick. In the beginning there really isn’t anywhere to we can walk to. The road barely exists. But as time goes on the road gets longer and longer and you’ll start to notice changes in the choices you make.

All of a sudden when you are teetering on the edge of do I watch an episode of xyz or go out for a 2 mile walk you find yourself going for a walk. You’ll notice it’s easier to make good food choices. You procrastinate less before you know it you are starting to turn into the person you’ve been visualizing.

It’s super simple but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Just try and stay consistent and visualize every night. If you forget, chastise, forgive and get back to it.

Tools: Notebook

Week 2 – Track Everything.

This week we add in tracking. Track everything. Weight, food, blood pressure, anything else that’s important to you. For most of you it should be pretty eye opening. Start paying attention to what foods you gravitate towards. Keep an eye out for foods that take up more than their fair share of calories.

Also, try and start to be conscious about moving more. Go for a walk, take the stairs etc.

Tools: MyFitnessPal App

Week 3 – Hit 10,000 steps a day every day

That’s it. If you have to run in place before you go to bed then do that. This week is just about getting consistent, building stamina and conditioning your legs and feet.

Fitness Tracker: Fitbit, Garmin. I use a garmin 935. It’s complete overkill but it’s really cool … I would suggest at a bare minimum you get something that can track gps as well. Your phone will work too. It’s a matter of personal preference.

Week 4 – Eat smarter (Intermittent Fasting) & Calorie targets

We’ll be following a 16/8 Intermittent fasting schedule. This means we eat for 8 hours and then no calories for 16 hours. This is a lot easier than it seems. A good chunk of the 16 hours is spent sleeping. Make sure you stop eating 2 hrs before you go to bed. For me, I eat from 11am – 7pm. It might take a little time to get use to but it’s a lot easier than it sounds.

Ultimately losing weight is simple. Calories in have to be less than the calories going out. That’s it. Ignore whatever fad diet is going around right now. As long as you eat less than you are burning you will lose weight.

IF makes it easier by limiting the time we have to eat but we still need to watch the calories. If you eat a gazillion calories while following intermittent fasting you’ll still pack on the weight.

Week 5 – Strength Training

Reddits recommended beginner bodyweight routine

There’s a progression for pretty much every level of fitness. It works the whole body 3x a week.

It’s cheap. You can get everything you need for less than $100

Gear: Pull-up Bar, Dip Station

Week 6 – Food Choices

This is the week we start to make better food choices. Focus on clean food. The less processed the better. Lots of fruits, veggies and healthy proteins.

After a month of tracking your food intake you should have a good idea of what you should be cutting back on and what you should be adding in.

Aim for a fairly even spread between proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. This is highly individualized. Pay attention to your body and appetite. For me personally, carbs are my weakness so I do my best to replace processed and starchy carbs with fruits & veggies and up my protein intake.